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講師 國本和恵




Koeomo Eigo

Travel Buddy Project


Our Travle Buddy Project

Cub the Travel Buddy goes around in Japan from July, 2004.

Koala Dundee came to Kodomo Eigo on November 12th, 2003.

Shiro the travel Buddy went to Lincoln Elementary, in Kansas, USA in fall, 2003.

Penny the Travel Buddy came here in September, 1998.

James the Travel Buddy came to Kodomo Eigo in December, 1997.

What is the Travel Buddy project?

The Travel Buddy is a soft toy. It travels from school to school in a package. Sometimes Travel Buddy visits over 10 schools all over the world. It has its own stuff, for example, a diary, clothes, a camera, and so on. It takes gifts to children in other countries from the school that Travel Buddy is from. Besides sending a soft toy, schools exchange e-mail with each other. Children who are in schools where a soft toy visits keep Travel Buddy's diary instead of it. Children and teachers can put their photos in the package to show to children and teachers in other countries. Penny

Why don't you start Travel Buddy Project?

This is Shiro. Shiro is a white bear that is a student of Kodomo Eigo.

Kodomo Eigo wants to have friends who can join our Travel Buddy Project. Shiro has prepared a trip to your school. If your students want to join our project, contacts us, please!


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